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How To Choose The Best Dog Toys That Your Dog Will Love

When you decide to bring a dog into your home and make them a member of your family, it only makes sense that you’ll want to make sure they aren’t going to be bored!

Sadly, you as their owner, only have so much time that you can give your pup attention—you do have a life after all! Fortunately, there are plenty of dog toys on the market that will keep your pup entertained so you can do the things you need to do.

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So, you might be wondering what are the best dog toys that your dog will love to play with and not get bored with. Fortunately, you’re in the right place! Keep reading, and you’ll even find out what are the best dog toys for puppies.

What To Look For When Choosing The Best Dog Toys

There are a lot of toys on the market, and you can easily get overwhelmed by all the choices. When you’re trying to choose toys for your dogs, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind:

  • Age – When you’re choosing dog toys, you’ll want to think about the dog's age. Stuffed dog toys are going to be the best dog toys for puppies because they are soft and won’t hurt their baby teeth. Indestructible dog toys are going to be the best dog toys for strong chewers, while outdoor dog toys where you can play fetch are going to be the best dog toys for large dogs so they can get out there and burn off their energy.
  • Size and Texture – After you’ve taken the dog’s age into consideration, you’ll also want to consider the size of the toy as well as the texture. Small dogs like a teacup poodle isn’t going to want to chew on a huge rubber bone (well, they may try without much luck). The same way a larger dog like a Rottweiler be able to safely play with small squeaky toys, lest they swallow the toy or the source of the squeak and choke!

Types Of Toys

There are a bunch of toys on the market, there’s no denying that. Each toy will fall into one of four categories:

  • Balls – Rubber balls, soft and squishy balls, textured balls, foam balls, tennis balls… There are so many different types of balls available, your dog would have a field day, even if you got just one of each type!
  • Tug Toys – Many dogs enjoy playing a friendly game of tug of war with their owners. Some people say that by engaging in this sort of play is an invitation to make your dog aggressive, we say that there’s no harm as long as you train your dog well.
  • Treat Toys – These toys are most often interactive dog toys where you put a treat in the toy, and you work with your dog to help them figure out how to get the treat out.
  • Stuffed or Plush Toys – These toys are a fan favorite among many dogs because they are a great source of comfort. Some dogs will pick up a stuffed animal, a blanket, or something equally soft, and carry it around with them. Some will even sleep with it!

4 Of The Best Dog Toys Under $35

We’ve hunted around for the best dog toys that we think your dog will enjoy. Continue reading to find out about the following toys and how they rate among other dog owners:

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Let’s get started, shall we?

Lobeve Dog Toys 10 Pack Gift Set 

If you’re looking to get a feel for what kind of toys your dog may enjoy, you might find that the Lobeve Dog Toy 10 Pack Gift Set is a great option for you.

There are 10 toys included in this set which include strong rope toys that are perfect for chewing and tugging, puncture resistant ball, flying discs, squeaky toys, and much more.

This particular set is great for small to medium dogs because some of the toys are a little small for the larger dogs.

Lobeve Dog Toys 10 Pack Gift Set on White Background

Some of the features included with this set include:

  • Cotton rope toys that can keep a puppy’s teeth and gums from getting painful during teething
  • Sensory toys that will stimulate the dog’s senses
  • Flying discs that double as a tug toy

Customers who purchased this set, gave it a great rating. Many stated that the toys that were included in the set were perfect for their dog and they were made of durable materials.

Those that left negative comment stated that their dog was able to destroy some of the toys within minutes.

Since there is such a small amount of people with this complaint, we can assume that either they received a faulty product or their dog was incredibly energetic!

KONG Wobbler Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

Of all the treat toys available, this fun toy is among one of our favorites. It’s designed to dispense treats as it spins, wobbles, and rolls all around the floor. Your dog will never know which direction the toy is going, keeping the games fun and interesting.

This toy is also a good way to dispense dry kibble instead of using a traditional food bowl if your pup has a habit of chomping down the food incredibly fast. This polymer toy FDA approved, so you don’t have to worry if your dog wants to start chewing on the toy itself to get to the food inside.

KONG Wobbler Treat Dispensing Dog Toy on White Background

Some of the features of this toy includes:

  • High strength polymer construction
  • Screw off top that makes it easy to fill with treats
  • Comes in two sizes—small (good for dogs under 25 pounds) and large (good for dogs over 25 pounds)

Customers who purchased this toy, gave it great reviews singing the praises of the toy. Several users commented on how they used the toy as a training tool, while others used it purely for entertainment.

They shared that their dogs would keep themselves busy playing with the toy, hoping for a delicious treat.

The negative reviewers stated that their dogs weren’t too keen with the toy. Some have also stated that this toy isn’t made of the same soft rubber that other KONG toys were made of, that this particular toy is a hard plastic.

ZippyPaws XL Burrow Log Chipmunks Squeaky Hide And Seek Plush

For curious puppies, this particular toy is great because it challenges your pooch while keeping him entertained. The dog can bury their noses deep inside the log of the toy, searching for those three little squeaky chipmunks.

Once the chipmunks are out, you can stuff the little things back in there and let the fun begin all over again!

ZippyPaws XL Burrow Log Chipmunks Squeaky Hide And Seek Plush on White Background

Some of the features with this toy include:

  • Three adorable chipmunks that squeak when squeezed
  • Large soft log with multiple holes to hide the chipmunks
  • Toys are made of a soft material

Almost all customers who purchased this toy, gave it an amazing rating. Many of the customers shared that the toy was able to keep even the most excitable dogs entertained for a good while.

Some shared that although the toy is geared toward larger dogs, medium sized dogs like a beagle was able to use the toy and enjoy play time! Awesome!

The few of the lower rated comments say that their larger dogs, like a 60-pound golden retriever, wrecked the toy pretty quickly. Needless to say, perhaps this isn’t the best option for dogs who like to tear apart their plushies!

Goughnuts Original Dog Chew Ring

Speaking of dogs that like to chew, the Goughnuts Original Dog Chew Ring could be exactly what they need!

This particular toy is made of a thick and bouncy rubber material, and it consists of two layers. The inner layer is patented and is meant to serve as a safety indicator.

This red layer lets you know that if you pooch has chewed through the green or black layer of the toy, it’s time to get a replacement—which Goughnuts will replace for free, all you have to pay is shipping fees.

Goughnuts Original Dog Chew Ring on White Background

Some of the features with this toy include:

  • Virtually indestructible toy that will give your dog hours of chewing fun
  • Lifetime replacement warranty

Customers who purchased this toy, left a great rating. Many of these reviewers felt that this was a fantastic toy that lived up to its name.

Of the negative reviews, many of them complained about the dog not wanting to play with the toy. When they tasted the toy, they discovered that there was a bitter rubber taste, even after cleaning it and soaked it in cleaners.

Some other reviewers said that the toy was no match for their destructive dogs, who, not only were able to get through the outer layer but were able to break off pieces of the toy. Yikes!


If you are looking for the best dog toys for your money, you cannot go wrong with the Lobeve 10 Piece Dog Toy Set.

Dog Sleeping With Toy

There are so many toys included at a very affordable price point. If you want a toy that will give your pet hours of entertainment, the KONG Wobbler and the ZippyPaws Log and Chipmunk plush toy are excellent options!

Whichever product you do decide to surprise your pet with, we’re sure both you and your dog will have hours of bonding time!

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