Group of Dogs on a Table

Basic Information On How To Train A Dog

Lets take a look at must know information on training your dog. First and most important is positive reinforcement!Positive Reinforcement Training For DogsYou can do this yourself. Positive reinforcement

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Dog Looking Stressed and Confused

Things You Do That Stress Your Dog Out

Labeling your dog as “dominant”. Dominance is not a personality trait. Behaviors commonly considered a sign of dominance often stem from insecurity or hyper-excitability.Pet owners who label their

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Dozen Puppies on a Blue Pillow

Important Info For A New Adopted Dog

You just adopted a new dog? Here you can find out what are some of the first steps you need to go through to take good care of it!Adopting A Rescue Dog Or Shelter DogEvery town and city has animal shelters

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How You Can Stress Your Cat

Things You Do That Stress Your Cat Out

Punishing or yelling at your cat. Your cat doesn’t understand that some behavior is undesirable. Punishment will temporarily stop her because you’ve scared her, but she doesn’t understand that she

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Cute Kitty Resting on a Laptop

Prevent Illness & Disease In Cats

Follow our tips to prevent disease and illness in your cat or kitten.The essentials – provide your cat with love, a clean litter box, veterinary care, safe shelter, water, food.Keep Your Cat Indoors

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Sad Kitten in a Cardboard Box

Important Info For A New Adopted Cat

You just adopted a new cat? Here you can find out what are some of the first steps you need to go through to take good care of it!Starting OutHere are a few important tips for a start.Supplies Checklist Cat

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Cat Exiting an Enclosed Litter Box

Best Litter Boxes For Cats

You can smell them. You can see them. And you have to keep scooping them and cleaning them.Your cat has issues with his litter pan too! Never mind your problems. The litter box is a substitute for where

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Cat Getting Comfortable in Its Cat Litter

What Everyone Should Know About Cat Litter

For cats who are not allowed outdoors, cat litter is vital. Even some cats who are allowed outside come back inside to use the bathroom! Cat litter absorbs liquid and odor and gives the cat something to

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Dog Getting His Moustache Groomed

Tips For Grooming Your Dog

Make grooming part of your daily routine. Groom you dog when it is settled and relaxed rather than in the mood for play. Use treats and praise to make grooming a special occasion. Get puppies used to being

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Four Kittens on a Blanket

Starter Kit For New Cat Owners

If you're planning on getting a cat, there are a couple of things you should look at like cats diet, collars, carriers, litter boxes... We have you covered! Lets look at the most important topics for a

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Best Dog Food on the Market

Best Dog Foods On The Market

Dogs are omnivores, like people. They are not “all-meat” animals, or carnivores, like cats. Their diet has a bit more leeway. But they do need quality ingredients to be healthy.We know one lab/husky

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Puppies Running on Pavement

Starter Kit For New Dog Owners

If you're planning on getting a dog, there are a couple of things you should look at: dogs diet, leashes, toys, beds, crates... We have you covered! Lets look at the most important topics for a new dog

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Common Diseases In Cats

We compiled a partial list of the many common diseases in cats. But remember, always consult your veterinarian for an accurate diagnosis and treatment options. We tried to cover most problems that

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Zabbow Leather Leash Design

Zabbow Leather Dog Leash

Leather leashes will cost you more than nylon or some other materials, but if you don’t let the dog eat it you will have your gorgeous leather leash forever.Rubber leashes are too bouncy and encourage

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Woofiy Extra Heavy Duty Dog Leash Design

Woofiy Extra Heavy Duty Dog Leash

Nylon leashes are less expensive than others, strong, and come in a lot of colors. But if you have a strong pulling dog you may get leash burn. It’s really good for a puppy though because of the light

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Two ChuckIt Balls on Wooden Table

ChuckIt Ultra Ball

The Chuckit! Ultra Ball is a very bouncy ball filled with air. It has a tiny hole in it so that the ball can be chewed and compressed by your dog's jaws but re-inflates immediately.It is made from natural

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Cat Using SmartyKat Scratcher

SmartyKat Inclined Corrugated Cat Scratcher

Whether you make one yourself or buy it, cats love SmartyKat Inclined Corrugated Cat Scratcher, especially when the catnip in it is fresh. Some cats love it so much they sleep on it. If you have a few

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Sassy Dog Wear Nylon Webbing Dog Collar

Sassy Dog Wear Nylon Webbing Dog Collar

Nylon and other synthetics are versatile and affordable. They are also washable. It is flexible and therefore can be used for every kind of collar and lead - outdoor, training, everyday. Since they are

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Puppy Eating from a Bowl

Royal Canin Nutrition Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin is highly recommended by many pet owners and dogs love it. It has a lot of vitamins and minerals. It does not contain any of the various preservatives and additives for color and texture that

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Rocco and Roxie Three Kinds of Jerky

Rocco & Roxie Gourmet Jerky Dog Treats

A dogs' sense of smell is legendary and you need to save the best smelling treats to the end of the training session. These might be that treat. Even people can smell that these Jerkys are the real thing.

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