Shelf Full of Precise Holistic Dog Food

Precise Holistic Large/Giant Breed Adult Dog Food

Large breeds have different diet requirements than smaller dogs to develop their skeletal, immune, and nervous systems, and the Precise Holistic line of dry dog foods is formulated for them.Features Designed

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Paradise for Pets Small Bed

Paradise For Pets Soft & Durable Insulated Pet Bed

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to picking the best pet bed. You can go for comfort and expense, comfort and affordability, or your pet may have special needs.There are many varieties

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4 different multipet-silly-sandwiches squeaky toys

Multipet Silly Plush “Animal” Squeak Dog Toy

Who doesn’t love dog toys? Just going through the dog toy aisle in a store could make anybody want to be a dog.Why Do Dogs Like Toys That Squeak?They just do. They go nuts over their squeaky toys until

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Cat in a Litter Box Looking at Camera

Marchioro Enclosed Deluxe Cat Litter Pan

This Litter Pan is made from heavy plastic while many others are quite flimsy.Features At 75” x 15.75” x 16.5”, they don’t come much bigger than this It can accommodate any cat comfortably​It

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3 little kittens being carried in a pot

Lotus Just Juicy Turkey Stew

Your cat is an obligate carnivore. That means he is obliged to eat meat. He is not an omnivore like you and your dog.The ancestors of your cat lived in the desert and they got most of their water from

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Kitty Smelling Homemade Cookies on a Plate

The Kitty Treats Cookbook (Hardcover)

With the 2007 pet food recalls still a recent memory, cat owners are seeking sources of healthy pet food and treats featuring natural ingredients. For some, that includes making their own cat food and

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Greenies Dental Treats on a Red Stool

GREENIES Original Dental Chews Dog Treats

Dental care for your dog is important for his total health and can add years to his lifespan, according to Jan Bellows, DVM, Diplomate American Veterinary Dental College.Nothing is better for your dog’s

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GoTags Stainless Steel Pet Tags on a Wooden Surface

GoTags Premium Stainless Steel Pet ID Tags

There is a huge variety of fancy pet collars on the market. But style is not what matters. The best pet collars are designed for your pet’s safety and to hold an ID tag.Even if you have an indoor cat,

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Cat in a Room on a Go Pet Club Cat Tree

Go Pet Club Cat Tree F2040

Cats need cat furniture - cat towers, cat trees, cat condos - things to climb, branches to scratch, perches to watch the world from, hidey-holes to hide in. Especially if they don’t go outside.Features Overall

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Complete Glamdaisy Pet Curved Scissor Set

Glamdaisy Pet Curved Scissor Set

Scissors are made with high quality stainless steel with coated titanium for durability and style. Cutting tools come with razor sharp edges for detailing.Handles and contours are designed to ensure effortless

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Persian Cat sniffing litter box

Planetwise Feline Fresh Scoop

This is a clumping pine cat litter. Feline Fresh also makes a pellet formulation. It’s made from southern yellow pine which has a natural ability to inhibit the growth of bacteria and gives the litter

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2 Blueberry Kitten Leashes on Cardboard

Blueberry Kitten Collars

Even if you kitten or cat is not allowed outside, she should have a collar in case she gets out accidentally. She is likely to be confused out there and not be able to find her way home, so it is essential

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Common Diseases in Dog

Common Diseases In Dogs

We compiled for you a partial list of the many common diseases in dogs. But be aware that you should always first consult your veterinarian for an accurate diagnosis and treatment options for each

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