2 Blueberry Kitten Leashes on Cardboard

Blueberry Kitten Collars

Even if you kitten or cat is not allowed outside, she should have a collar in case she gets out accidentally. She is likely to be confused out there and not be able to find her way home, so it is essential that she has a collar and ID tag, even if she is micro-chipped.

Without a collar and ID, people might think she is a stray. Some people don’t have a carrier or car to bring the cat to a vet to be scanned even if they know about micro-chips. Do not use these collars or any collar with a leash for a cat or kitten. You need a harness or lead for that.

Sides of 2 Blueberry Kitten Leashes


  • Material: Made with durable and easily washable polyester webbing.
  • Breakaway: A breakaway collar is designed to snap open if your kitten gets hooked on a branch, snagged on a fence, caught on a window latch. There are different kinds and the safest have a quick-release fastener, which these collars do.
  • Adjustable: A kitten can start wearing a collar around six months but only if it fits properly. You should be able to fit one or two fingers between the kitten’s collar and neck. Kittens grow fast. You need to be able to adjust their collar size, maybe every day, and these collars are adjustable.
  • Stylish: This is a two-pack, with two different hunting styles. One is a fish style and the other is a leopard spot style. Blueberry also has other fashion statements available.
  • Bell: These collars have a bell to warn wildlife that your kitten is prowling or to help you monitor where your kitten is.


  • Clasp: The plastic clasps on these collars don’t pop open as easily as some, such as by bumping into furniture, but they do pop open easily when truly snagged which is what they are meant for. They seem to be durable, no cracking.
  • Adjustment: The adjustment on these collars is easy to do.
  • Stiffness: The slight stiffness listed as a “con” above also prevents them from stretching and getting loose when kitty scratches.
Clasp on Blueberry Kitten Leashes


  • Webbing: The webbing on these collars frays a bit, and you may have to cut some irritating threads off from the inside.
  • Stiff: They’re a bit stiff which is kind of annoying if you are adjusting the size every second day.
  • Bell: The bells are rather loud, which can be very annoying. You can cut the bell off.


These collars are durable, easy to adjust, very safe, and very cute. Click on the button below for more information about the Blueberry kitten collars

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