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beautiful kitty daydreaming

Understanding Cats: A Complete Guide To Getting To Know Your Cat

Cats can make great additions to your family. They’re soft, adorable and extremely loyal. But they’re also relatively independent and low maintenance compared to dogs which require regular walks and

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How You Can Stress Your Cat

Things You Do That Stress Your Cat Out

Punishing or yelling at your cat. Your cat doesn’t understand that some behavior is undesirable. Punishment will temporarily stop her because you’ve scared her, but she doesn’t understand that she

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Sad Kitten in a Cardboard Box

Important Info For A New Adopted Cat

You just adopted a new cat? Here you can find out what are some of the first steps you need to go through to take good care of it!Starting OutHere are a few important tips for a start.Supplies Checklist Cat

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Four Kittens on a Blanket

Starter Kit For New Cat Owners

If you're planning on getting a cat, there are a couple of things you should look at like cats diet, collars, carriers, litter boxes... We have you covered! Lets look at the most important topics for a

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