FurHaven Tiger Tough Cat Tree Review

FurHaven Tiger Tough Cat Tree Review

Why Buy a Cat Condo?

Are you tired of your cat always ending up in the most inconvenient of places? Perhaps your cat typically walks on your shelves and knocks down all of your prized possessions. Maybe your cat lounges around on your sofas and loveseats, always scratching the upholstery.

Regardless of your trouble, it would help to get a cat condo, or at the very least a scratching post or two. Cats tend to be mischievous and full of energy, so you have to find ways to keep them entertained that does not involve breaking your prized belongings or anything along those lines. This is where we come to cat condos.

Cat Tree house furniture condos.

Cat condos, cat trees or cat towers, as they are typically known, tend to be elevated constructs that can feature one or several homes for your cat. In addition to the homes, your cat will also have access to scratching posts and toys to keep them entertained.

In short, a cat condo is a safe place for your cat inside of your home. They are even more efficient if you have multiple cats, as they can arrange themselves regarding height in the cat condos based on the hierarchy in your house.

If there is no established hierarchy between your cats, this product may help them establish it and cut down on the number of fights.

Cats tend to enjoy vertical movement, so cat trees are very effective at letting them climb and have a good vantage point from which they may observe your house without making you clean up the mess they leave behind on your shelves.


One of the aspects that you should look for when you are buying a cat condo is to consider how well it fits into your budget and whether or not the product is worth the money. The only way to do this is to research several reviews and contrast the words of the reviews with the price tags on the cat towers.

If you hear overwhelmingly negative reviews about an expensive product, odds are it is not worth the money you were going to spend.

Number Of Condos

This depends on the number of cats you have.

If you are looking for a cat tower for only one cat, you will typically only need one condo, usually situated near the top of your tower so that your cat may have a better vantage point.

FurHaven Cat Tree


Many cat towers also include built-in toys, such as busy balls, spinners and all sorts of other implements to keep your cat occupied. This is a great way for your cat to stay occupied without engaging in any destructive behavior. Even the most stubborn of cats will enjoy at least one of the toys that can be found on cat towers.


  • Features a cat IQ busy box with bells that may be removed
  • Includes one soft sided cat condo
  • ​Sisal posts and hanging rope allow your cat to scratch
  • ​27.5 x 16 x 55 inches in size
  • Fun for cats of most ages


This cat tower is an excellent choice for the owner of a single cat as there is only a single cat condo situated near the top of the tower.

FurHaven manufactures this product, and it features a large array of toys and extra features to keep your cat occupied for a long time.

For example, the posts are made out of sisal, allowing your cat to scratch away at them to its heart's content. The busy box also features removable bells so you can take them out if you find it getting too annoying.

Furniture Condos for Cats and Kittens

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This cat tower is an excellent product for those looking for a place to keep their cats occupied and away from the rest of the furniture. This product is superior to a scratching post in every way except for size, but as long as you have enough space, your cat will love this cat tower.

The busy box seems to keep them occupied for hours, even if it can get a little bit annoying at times. Cats also love playing with the hanging rope in the middle of the tower, as well as scratching away at the support posts.

This is also a very durable product, as it must be, to withstand the stresses of cats always trying to deconstruct it. The interior of the cat condo is also padded, so your cat will feel comfortable as it snoozes away in its little home.

What Others Say

Most customers tend to praise this product for getting their cats out of their hair.

All of the toys and distractions make for an excellent way to ensure that your cat will no longer viciously attack your furniture, as they will be satiated from scratching away at their tower all day.

Cat trees, cat condo and rope

Customers also praised the reasonable price of this product when compared to the high quality of construction. Another aspect that customers praised is the longevity of this product. We have seen several updated reviews in which customers state that their cat tower is still intact after a year of intense use by their cats.

Buying Advice

If you are looking for a place to buy this product, it is available online on Amazon for around 65 dollars. While this may seem somewhat pricey, you will find this product a long-lasting and worthwhile investment.


We hope that this review has cleared up some confusion regarding what a cat tower may be. This model from FurHaven is an excellent choice for those owners with overly adventurous cats who tend to get in trouble far too often. If you enjoyed the review, we hope you will enjoy your new cat tree just as much

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