Go Pet Club Cat Tree Review

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Review

If you own a cat or two, chances are your furniture is probably looking a little worse for wear.

Whether you have scratches on the upholstery, furballs roaming around the house, or just never have anywhere to take a seat because your feline friend is hogging all the room, you might be looking for some relief.

While we love our pets immensely and want to keep them indoors where they can be safe and comfortable, we also don’t want it to be at the expense of our furniture.

What you need is somewhere your cats can still be involved with the family and not have to live outdoors, but with their own space and furniture to play and lounge on.

The Go Pet Club Cat Tree is the perfect solution you’ve been looking for, with ample space for your cat to play, relax, and scratch.

With this wonderful invention in your living space, your four-legged friend can enjoy comfort and excitement, all the while leaving your furniture and living area free from damage and fur.

About The Product

Go Pet Club are specialists in creating supplies and products to keep your animals entertained, with real thought behind every piece.

Cat scratching on a sofa

This cat tree is one of their most popular products sold online thanks to the hours of comfort, creativity, and excitement that they can bring to your feline friend.

With everything from a ladder to a cubby hole for them to hide in, your cat will love this new piece of furniture intended just for them.

The Go Pet Club Cat Tree has been designed with your cat in mind, and it’s got all of the right features to make it a permanent fixture in your home.


This cat tree has:

  • Dimensions of 50” x 26” length with 72” high which gives your cats a great vantage point
  • Comes in beige, blue, or leopard print to match all decors
  • Covered in faux fur and sisal rope around the scratching posts
  • Three perches, two condos, and two toy mice included

If you’re tired of countless cat toys around the house or losing your good furniture to scratch marks and shedding fur, the Go Pet Club Cat Tree is the only way to go.

This cat tree is ideal for cat owners of one or 50 felines, and there’s plenty of room for everyone to get on board and have fun.

The Good And The Bad Of The Go Pet Club Cat Tree

Buying cat toys can get expensive, and it can be even more expensive having to clean and replace furniture, so for the low cost of just one product like this, you’re actually saving yourself a lot of money in the process.

Best of all, if you have multiple cats they can all fit on here and there’s no need to ever purchase another toy.

The construction was simple with this, and at around 72” high it gives your cat the safe and secure feeling of being up high. 

There’s plenty for them to play with on the Go Pet Club Cat Tree and even when they’re feeling tired they can rest on the platforms or in the hiding holes.

This brand has really thought of everything that cats enjoy and put it into the one product.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree - 72 in.

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A few online reviews stated that their cats weren’t interested in the ladders, but with one simple adjustment, you can have them removed.

One minor disadvantage with the Go Pet Club Cat Tree comes with its faux fur covering. Some reviews have stated that the fur sheds when the cats use it, which is particularly bothersome when purchasing the blue colored tree.

However, when the product arrives just give it one simple comb with a cat fur brush and you’ll get rid of any loose fur before they use it.

How To Get A Go Pet Club Cat Tree

If you’ve done the research and you’re ready to treat your cat and home with the Go Pet Club Cat Tree, the best deal currently available can be found on Amazon.

If you purchase it right now, Amazon has this listed for about $80. The shipping is free also, so you won’t pay anything extra for years of entertainment for your pets.

Although there’s no official warranty listed for this product, the many reviews will testify as to just how quality its craftsmanship is.

Kitten sticking its head through the hole of the Go Pet Club Cat tree

The assembly is simple and it even comes with a step by step instruction manual to help you along which should take no longer than an hour to complete.

For those people worried about the shedding fur, you could also purchase a wire pet fur comb and give the Go Pet Club Cat Tree a once over before using it to ensure that it doesn’t shed any more fur.

Use this on your cats as well once a month and you’ll notice a huge improvement in their coats too.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been searching for the ultimate cat toy that combines entertainment, comfort, and safety, the Go Pet Club Cat Tree has to be it.

Not only is it great for your pets to enjoy, but you’ll benefit from clean furniture and no more damage to your expensive lounge suite.

This tree is the great way to tick all of the boxes in pet care, and they’ll never bore from just how much there is to do with it.

To treat your cat to the very best in luxury and fun, click here to purchase the Go Pet Club Cat Tree and see for yourself how much they love it.

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