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The Kitty Treats Cookbook (Hardcover)

With the 2007 pet food recalls still a recent memory, cat owners are seeking sources of healthy pet food and treats featuring natural ingredients. For some, that includes making their own cat food and treats.

Homemade cat treats are easy to make and there’s no shortage of cat treat recipes online and in cookbooks if you decide to try it.

This book, The Kitty Treats Cookbook, by Michele Bledsoe, is a very popular choice.

Moderation Is Key

Most cat treats are not inherently good or bad for your cat, they just need to be used in moderation. Treats can be used to reward cats after pills are given, or help in behavior modification. You can train your cat to perform tricks using treats as a lure.

Homemade Star Shaped Kitty Treats


  • This book has been around for a long time but people are still quoting it.
  • The author is well known for writing the Doggy Bone Cookbook about making dog treats.
  • ​Now in its third edition, The Kitty Treats Cookbook is the ultimate way to bake love and nutrition into your cat's diet.
  • The recipes are simple enough that your children can help you make treats for your cat.
  • ​Recipes include Bare Claws, Paw Lickin' Chicken, Santa Paws, Trick and Treat, and Tweet Rolls.
  • There are color illustrations on every page, and the pages are wipeable.
  • If you are lucky enough to get an original copy, it may still have the fish-shaped cookie cutter.
  • The Kitty Treats Cookbook is perfect if you are concerned about the chemicals and other additives in commercial cat treats.
  • It’s a great gift.


There are none, except it may be hard to find. And it would be a drag to get a copy that doesn’t have the fish cookie cutter, which does happen.

Some Reviews from Amazon Customers

This book is a great followup to the doggybone cookbook, my dog craves the bones from those recipes. I was excited to hear that Bledsoe had put out a book for cats.

My three cats who are very fussy loved the treats, they each had their own favorites. It's always nice to see a new and interesting product come out from the pet industry, that is not the same old tired products. Good luck to Michele with this new book.

My kitty 'PUFF' and i, probably like most other pet owners, have a special loving relationship.

When i first made some of these treats from the books recipes, 'PUFF' couldn't seem to get enough of them!!! She loved 'em!! but even more important to me was that i was putting some of myself into each and every treat she ate and enjoyed. Somehow I feel she knows there's some of me in every one.

Kitty Treat Cookbook Front Cover

Maybe that's why she loves them more than any i ever bought for her. i know any pet owner will get so much more satisfaction from making and feeding these home made treats to their cats than simply going out and buying the commercial kind.

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