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Marchioro Enclosed Deluxe Cat Litter Pan

This Litter Pan is made from heavy plastic while many others are quite flimsy.


  • At 75” x 15.75” x 16.5”, they don’t come much bigger than this
  • It can accommodate any cat comfortably
  • ​It comes in two smaller sizes that are great for travel
  • ​Sturdy clips to hold the cover to the base so you can carry it by the handle
  • ​The clips are removable for when you want to give the whole thing a good scrub
  • It comes with rubber feet that keep it stationary and protect your floor
  • There is a clear plastic door that you may not want to bother with, though it helps keep the odor inside
  • It has charcoal odor filters slotted into the sides of the cover
  • Some assembly required, as with many products these days, but it’s very easy to put together


This litter box is big enough for any cat. It’s available in a lot of colors. Very sturdy, it will last for years.


  • Materials: The clips are a bit flimsy and might break if you carry it with a heavy load inside it.
  • Sometimes the handle comes off but it is easy to re-attach.
  • Design: The raised logo on the middle of the tray floor is annoying when scooping litter.
Marchioro Deluxe Cat Litter Different Colors


This is an excellent litter box and has every feature you could want unless you want it to clean itself. Those are a lot more expensive. It’s available in a lot of colors on Amazon. To learn more about the Marchioro Enclosed Deluxe Cat Litter Pan click the button below.

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