4 different multipet-silly-sandwiches squeaky toys

Multipet Silly Plush “Animal” Squeak Dog Toy

Who doesn’t love dog toys? Just going through the dog toy aisle in a store could make anybody want to be a dog.

Why Do Dogs Like Toys That Squeak?

They just do. They go nuts over their squeaky toys until they get down to the squeaker. When they pull out the squeaker and destroy it, they aren’t interested in the toy anymore. Maybe it goes back to when dogs were wild.

They would hunt for prey and kill. The prey would squeak and make other noises that helped the dog to find his prey.

Puppy Playing with a Bone Shaped Squeaky Toy

Once caught, the prey would also squeak and make noise as the dog killed it. This could be very satisfying to a hungry dog. A squeaky toy can give a dog the same type of satisfaction. How does this explain why we people like dog squeaky toys though?

Features Of The Multipet Sandwiches

  • 5 inch dog toy
  • It squeaks and crinkles
  • ​Plush filled
  • 4 styles: Ham, Roast Beef, Turkey, and Chicken
  • Gives your dog interaction that stimulates her mind, keeps her busy, and satisfies her chewing instinct
  • Multipet International joined the fight against breast cancer in 2007 by introducing their Pink Ribbon Loofa Dog® Toy (proceeds to breast cancer)

They also have a Support Our Troops Camouflage Loofa Dog® Toy (proceeds to American military organizations).


A couple of reviews from Amazon of the sandwich toy:

Purchased for her first Thanksgiving. It is very soft and the squeaker is large and easy to squeak. She is a mixed breed dog who loves to chew, but we have had this for a couple of weeks now and it looks as good as new and she plays with it everyday.

I think that what makes it more durable is that it isn't stuffed very full its quite softly stuffed and the wings have no stuffing only crinkly stuff inside - so she can't bite down as hard on it as she does with her fully stuffed toys.

She loves to chew on the beak. I love this turkey sandwich and am thinking of getting her a different design for her birthday.

Bought the turkey & the ham sandwich for my grand-dogs for Thanksgiving. What cute toys!! Well put together. Lol! The dogs loved them!!

Multipet Squeaky Dog Toy Turkey Sandwich


There are no cons for these amazing squeaky toys. The plush is exquisite and the squeak makes you laugh. This company also makes the official Shari Lewis Lamb Chop dog toy.

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