Dog Wearing Ruffwear Front Range Everyday Harness in Forest

Ruffwear Front Range Everyday Harness

You’re out and about walking your dog and see a larger and less friendly looking dog in the distance. This fills you with fear as you’re not sure that your leash can handle the weight of your dog pulling, or might do some damage if you try to pull them away from each other.

These types of scenarios turn many people off from walking their dog when all it takes is a quality leash to change things.

Choosing the right dog harness can be challenging. Dog owners are typically in search of an accessory that is both comfortable and easy to put on.

Harnesses are an excellent option for walking your pooch, especially if they have the tendency to pull on the leash and suffer from a respiratory problem. A harness provides dog owners more control as opposed to a collar that is solely used for identification.

Ruffwear Front Range Everyday Harness

The Ruffwear Front Range Everyday Harness is a great harness for dog owners who enjoy taking their furry pals out for regular walks and trips down the street. Now, you do not have to worry about applying pressure on your dog’s neck when you are taking them out for a walk.

The Ruffwear harness has been designed to provide your dog with a comfortable harness to keep them contained, but also ensure their safety and protection in all kinds of situations.

With this around your four-legged friend, you can be sure that you’re giving them the very best quality.​

About The Product

For any type of product you need to keep your dog happy, healthy, and loved, Ruffwear has it all.

This amazing company has a whole range of accessories designed specifically for man’s best friend, and their Front Range All Day Adventure Harness is no exception.

Medium dog walking with Ruffwear every day harness

This harness is intended to keep your dog safe, comfortable, and protected all day long and no matter what conditions you’re in.

These harnesses have been built to suit all sizes and breeds of dog, and they range from XXS to XL, so you can be sure there’s a perfect fit for your dog.​


Some notable features of the Ruffwear Front Range Everyday Harness include:

  • Premium Comfort: The Ruffwear Front Range Everyday Harness is less bulky and is comfortable for everyday use. The harness is easy to put on and take off your dog without distressing him.
  • 4 Points of Adjustment: The Ruffwear Front Range Everyday Harnessoffers customizable fit with 4 points of adjustment. This promotes full range of motion and greater control to dog owners.
  • Includes Padded Chest and Belly Panel: The harness encourages good load dispersion that not only adds comfort but offers stability.
  • 2 Leash Attachment Points: For a more deluxe experience, the Ruffwear features an aluminum V-ring on the back and protected webbing on the chest.
  • Range of different colors to suit all kinds of dogs and owners.
  • Reflective trim and ID pocket helps keep your dog safe and identified.


Here are some notable pros of the product that makes it stand out in the market:

  • Prevents Injury: The chest and belly padding offsets heavy pulling and prevents any injury to your dog, making the harness safe to use for your beloved pooch.
  • Stylish: Available in four striking colors, the Ruffwear is visually appealing and is perfect for dog owners who like to roam around the streets with style.
  • Easy to Put On: The harness offers a lot of room for you to slip your dog’s head in. Dog owners can conveniently adjust the fit according to their pet’s build.
Ruffwear Front Range Everyday Harness Sizing


Here are some notable cons of the product:

  • Not Suitable for Large Dogs: Quite a few dog owners have complained how the harness is not suitable for large dog breeds.

If you’ve tried countless harnesses and leashes before and found that they just weren’t up to the standard your dog needs and deserves, you won’t be disappointed with the Ruffwear Front Range All Day Adventure Harness.

This harness ticks all of the boxes in comfort, adjustability, protection, and control, to give you and your dog the very best lead you’ve ever experienced.

Where To Buy Ruffwear Front Range All Day Adventure Harness

If you’re ready to ditch your subpar harness and leash and get something that offers quality and comfort, you’ll be pleased to know just how affordable the Ruffwear Front Range All Day Adventure Harness is.

Amazon currently has it listed for just under $40 and with free shipping straight to your door so you can enjoy it just in time for the weekend.

Although there’s no warranty listed on this, this is fairly standard practice for dog products. However, the Ruffwear name is trusted among dog lovers and you’ll feel as soon as you place it on your dog just how great the quality is with this harness.

Provided you’re using it correctly and caring for it, this lead will last you and your dog for many years to come.

Ruffwear Front Range Everyday Harness Design

Our Rating

For the complete package, consider purchasing a Ruffwear lead to use with the harness, as there are two separate points of connection possible.

With a powerful lead and harness from this brand, you can be sure that your dog is getting the most comfortable and secure fit possible.

Ruffwear create products that can be adjusted to meet all breeds and sizes of dogs, so there’s no need to shop around elsewhere.


When you’re ready to upgrade to a harness that can give your dog protection, comfort, and reliability, you have no other choice but to go with the Ruffwear Front Range All Day Adventure Harness.

This harness is great for the outdoor explorer dog or the average neighborhood dog, and everything in between.

This harness is great for training, walking, running, and obedience, and because it comes in so many sizes it’s great for all types of dogs.

For a superior harness to keep your dog secure and comfortable, click here to purchase the Ruffwear Front Range All Day Adventure Harness.

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