Sassy Dog Wear Nylon Webbing Dog Collar

Sassy Dog Wear Nylon Webbing Dog Collar

Nylon and other synthetics are versatile and affordable. They are also washable. It is flexible and therefore can be used for every kind of collar and lead - outdoor, training, everyday.

Since they are affordable, you can get several stylish versions for different seasons or moods.

Choosing A Synthetic Collar

What matters is durability. Good clues are “heavy braid” or “machine washable”. Braided nylon where the weave is made of separate colored strands will stand the test of time color-wise.

Sometimes reflective materials are woven in with the braid, which is great for dogs who spend time outdoors. Sometimes a polymer is applied to the collar for waterproofing and even anti-stink.

Sassy Dog Wear 1" x 18"-28" Nylon Webbing Dog Collar on a dog

Leather Dog Collars

Durable and comfortable for everyday use. They are affordable and versatile like a nylon collar but with a more traditional look. Also they come in all sizes and styles. They can be colored, studded, embedded with gems, embossed.

Sassy Dog Wear Dog Collars are also used in training and for outdoors where durability and strength are important.

Don’t put a leather collar on a dog who spends a lot of time in the water, especially salt water. Don’t buy a leather collar for a puppy because he will grow out of it very soon.

Fabric Collars

These are great for expressing your dog’s personality. They can be inexpensive ribbon collars to high-end handmade works of art.

Fabric is not as durable as leather or synthetics, and may be only good for occasional wear. With small dogs it could be the dog’s everyday collar.

For a rottie or lab, not a good idea except for special events. Don’t get a fabric collar for a large, rambunctious dog, a dog that pulls, or an outdoor dog.


Woven nylon is sturdy, durable, practical. Collar is adjustable but sturdy. It has strong bar-tack stitching, a welded D-ring, and a custom designed side-release buckle.

Pet owners have said on record that they think the stitching is great, and the hardware is nice and withstands large tough dogs. It withstands going in and out of the water. It’s also kind of fun to mix and match it with the leashes.

Features Of The Sassy Dog Wear Nylon Collar

  • Nylon webbing
  • For regular dog walking, safety, & training
  • ​Size: 1" x 18"-28"
  • Easy to put on and off quick release curved buckle
  • Adjustable slider for perfect fit
  • Strong, dependable
  • For a regular dog walker/hiker
  • Matching leashes available
  • 100% money back guarantee
Sassy Dog Wear 1" x 18"-28" Nylon Webbing Dog Collar


There are no cons to this collar. It is a great all-around daily dog collar that comes in nice colors and there are leashes to mix and match.

It’s not just fun, it is well constructed and durable. Click on the button belowto find out more about the SkyDream Dog Collar.

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