Woofiy Extra Heavy Duty Dog Leash

Nylon leashes are less expensive than others, strong, and come in a lot of colors. But if you have a strong pulling dog you may get leash burn. It’s really good for a puppy though because of the light weight.

Rubber leashes are too bouncy and encourage pulling.

Chains leashes are affordable but unpleasant for everyone. If you do get one it should be extremely heavyweight, unbreakable.

Cotton leashes are also easy on the hands and have some give. There is a risk of rope burn, but they are great for dogs who swim. Nylon leashes are not because they get too slippery.

Retractable leashes are iffy. They do give roaming room. But if the re tractor thing malfunctions there could be danger for you, your dog, other dogs, other people.

Leather leashes, though beautiful, will cost you more than nylon or some other materials, but if you don’t let the dog eat it you will have that gorgeous leash forever.

Features Of  Woffiy Nylon Leash

  • Very tough 100% nylon webbing dog leash
  • 6 feet long
  • ​Extra thick to be tough but very light
  • ​Made to last
  • ​Padded neoprene handle – easy to grip
  • ​Sturdy with heavy duty nickel-plated snap hook
  • D-ring to attach poop bags, treats, flashlight, other accessories
  • Affordable
  • Strong enough for dogs that pull


  • Dog owners say they love the padding inside the handle which seems to have some kind of memory foam.
  • The extra D-ring for accessories (poop bag) is very convenient and popular.
  • The ends of the leash are sewn down with extra attention to detail, double stitching, which means strength and durability.
  • The clasp is heavy and opens and closes smoothly. The spring in the clasp could be stronger.
  • The six-foot length gives your dog room to wander but not to get out of sight. Longer leashes are available for “come” and “stay” training and shorter leashes can be used to navigate your dog through high traffic areas. But this length is good for your everything else.
  • Is it actually a few inches longer than 6 feet, which only matters if your jurisdiction cares.


The only con we found is company’s branding all over the leash.


This leash is thick and durable and would be very difficult for a dog to chew through. It certainly won’t break or snap, even with a strong dog. It doesn’t have the give or the “patina” of a leather leash, but it really does the job.

The padded handle is a major plus and so is the D-ring for accessories. For more information on the Woofiy Extra Heavy Duty Leash click on the button below.


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