Zabbow Leather Leash Design

Zabbow Leather Dog Leash

Leather leashes will cost you more than nylon or some other materials, but if you don’t let the dog eat it you will have your gorgeous leather leash forever.

Rubber leashes are too bouncy and encourage pulling.

Nylon leashes are inexpensive, strong, and come in a lot of colors. But if you have a strong pulling dog you will get leash burn. It’s good for a puppy because of the light weight.

Chain leashes are affordable but unpleasant for everyone. If you do get one it should be extremely heavyweight, unbreakable.

Cotton leashes are also easy on the hands and have some give. There is a risk of rope burn, but they are great for dogs who swim.

Retractable leashes are iffy. They give roaming room. But if the retractor thing malfunctions there could be danger for you, your dog, other dogs, other people.

Features Of The Zabbow Leather Dog Leash

  • For training and walking small, medium, large dogs
  • 100% leather: heavy duty, premium grade, full grain, high quality
  • Silver colored swivel snap hook to avoid tangling – 3.5 inches
  • 3/16 inch thick, 3/4 inch wide
  • Single 6-foot strip with no stitching
  • Double braided ends (actual leash is 5 ft 7 in)
  • Free bone-shaped dog tag (engraving not included)
  • Money back guarantee


Some leashes are sewn or riveted on the ends. But the ends receive a lot of stress, especially from a large dog over time. Rivets can rust, break, or rip through a punched hole. Stitches can become weak and break or unravel.

Zabbow Leather Leash Braided Ends

This leash has braided ends. Those hold the leash’s handle in place and are securely connected to the snap hook. So it’s more durable. It’s also a bit more flexible.

This leash smells like leather coming out of the box. It is beautiful and it does come in a box so it’s a great gift.


After thorough research we couldn’t find any cons for this great leash.


There are only good things to say about this leash. Your dog can chew it and wreck it, of course, but don’t let him. It’s too beautiful.

It’s easier on the hands than other materials. It’s heavy-duty and durable. Even Husky owners say so. It softens over the years and develops a nice texture and feel, and a bit of give, but it doesn’t become less sturdy.

Zabbow Leather Leash Package

The six-foot length gives your dog room to wander but not to get out of sight. Longer leashes are available for “come” and “stay” training and shorter leashes can be used to navigate your dog through high traffic areas. But this length is good for your basic everything else.

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