Go Pet Club Cat Tree F2040 Review

Cats need cat furniture – cat towers, cat trees, cat condos – things to climb, branches to scratch, perches to watch the world from, hidey-holes to hide in. Especially if they don’t go outside.


  • Overall Size: 50″W x 26″L x 72″H
  • Comes in beige or blue – the blue is really pretty
  • These are the parts that you have to assemble:
  • ​Base Board: 28″W x 24″L
  • ​Condo 1: 20″W x 15″L x 11.5″H
  • ​Condo 2: 15″W x 12″L x 10″H
  • ​Top 3 Perches: 13.5″W x 13.5″L x 2.5″H
  • Made of wood, this is an indoor gym for your cats
  • ​Platforms at five different heights
  • ​Hidey-holes with multiple entrances at two different heights
  • Ten posts covered with natural sisal rope to scratch or climb
  • ​Angled ramp or staircase allows your cat to get up and down the tower easily
  • Hidey-holes, perches, and ramp are covered with soft velour for scratching or sleeping
  • Two dangling mice which are usually quickly removed but you can easily attach more toy
  • Cats love to perch up high to survey their realm and the highest perch on this tower is six feet high

cats playing on a cat tree

Instructions and everything else you need to assemble it are included.


  • Structure & durability: The structure is sturdy even for large cats or multiple rambunctious cats. This cat tree lasts a long time.
  • Materials: The velour fabric doesn’t pill or shred. Cats like to scratch it and sleep on it. It looks better than carpet and is easy to clean. The sisal covered posts are the same as most cat scratching posts. Sisal rope can be replaced if it ever comes off. It’s made of wood!


Structure & Design

The base could be a bit bigger to support the height and it may need to be against a wall or bookcase for very active cats. The upper posts may need to be tightened once in a while if the top part of the structure takes a lot of abuse.

The platforms are a bit small for fat cats but they still sleep on them with their bodies pouring off the sides. The ramp doesn’t stay on very well.

If your cat is older and physically challenged, you may need to reattach it for him. Other cats don’t need it. It would be nice if the small house was as big as the big house.


The velour fabric isn’t as sturdy as carpet for scratching. Some people find that it has a bad smell, probably because of the velour.


The instructions to put it together are a bit difficult for some people to follow because the pieces don’t have the letters on them to match the diagram.


This is an excellent cat tree for the price, even the non-sale price. Have you seen the prices of these things in pet stores? It takes about 20 minutes to put together, especially if you throw the instructions away.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Design

It’s attractive, especially the blue one. It doesn’t have a large footprint in the room it’s in, but it is 6 feet tall, giving your cats a great view of their realm.

There are two dangling mice, but you can attach more if you want to. If the top becomes unstable due to abuse, it’s easy to tighten up.

It’s a combination gym, sleeping camp, scratching post, and surveillance station. Put it in front of a window if you can. Click the button below for more information on the Go Pet Club Cat Tree


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