Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Dog Walking Harness Review

A harness is a good choice if your dog likes to pull a lot on its leash. A collar will usually end up causing discomfort or even choking your dog if they pull too hard, so a harness is a much more humane way of restraining your pet when out on walks. This is especially true for dogs with a touch of aggressiveness in their demeanor towards other dogs.

Sometimes your pet may just try to bolt off after a fellow dog across the park; a harness can give you the leverage you need to restrain your pet.

They are particularly effective for strong dog breeds which have a penchant for pulling such as Alaskan Malamutes, which are typically used as sled dogs thanks to their excellent pulling technique.

Dog Walking Harness

Unfortunately, this means that they will also string you along and hurt themselves in the process if you use a simple collar, as it will dig into the skin of their neck over time. It is important to make your dog as comfortable as you can when you go outside, as it is the time when they are most excited.

Even for dogs who do not pull too much, a harness can be a good choice because it is often more comfortable for a dog to wear outside, provide it is not too tight.

One of the downsides of a harness is that it is typically not adjustable to the extent that a dog collar is so you will have to find a harness which is the proper size for your pet, and you may need to purchase multiple harnesses in different sizes as your dog ages and gets larger.

What To Look For In A Harness

There are a few aspects to consider before making your harness purchase, and we will go over some of them now.


This should be your primary concern when purchasing a harness, check to see if it is comfortable enough for your dog to wear, and ensure that there are no edges that can dig into your dog’s skin and make them feel uncomfortable.

The best dog harnesses are typically heavily padded so that your dog does not get hurt by the harness as you are walking.

Plastic quick release buckles


Your harness must also be strong enough to withstand your dog tugging at it over the course of many walks and runs, so if it starts to fall apart after only one year, that is a very bad sign about the build quality unless your dog happens to have been chewing at the harness.

The better types of harnesses can last you up to ten years, meaning that they are long-term investments that are well worth the money, considering how much use you will get out of them.


  • Features a lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects
  • Designed for dogs from 25 to 50 lbs
  • Five different adjustment points
  • Padded chest area
  • Quick release buckles secure harness


This harness is manufactured by Kurgo, who are reputed to be one of the best manufacturers of dog harnesses currently active, so you know that your product will not be lacking for quality. The inclusion of a lifetime warranty helps greatly in extending the lifetime of this harness.

This model is available in several sizes, but the given specifications apply to the medium sized model.

The sizes available range from extra small to extra large, so you have a good degree of choice over the size of your harness, depending on how big your dog is.

The five adjustment points allow you to improve the fit further and ensure that the harness is snug but not uncomfortable on your dog.

Smart dog walking harness

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We were very impressed by this harness, especially considering its low price. While it is not the most comfortable harness we have ever come across, this harness blends affordability and excellent build quality into one effective package.

It becomes easy to see why this is one of the most popular models of dog harness which is typically purchased online. The lifetime warranty is an excellent touch that shows that the manufacturer has faith in their product.

The quick release buckles are also a great inclusion on this harness, as many other harnesses tend to feature buckles that are difficult to work as your dog tries to walk away once you get back home. With the buckles on this model, it becomes a simple task to take the harness off of your dog quickly and easily.

This is a harness which features excellent build quality and decent comfort for your dog.


What Others Say

After scouring the internet for reviews and customer testimonials, we have found that purchasers of this product typically praise it for the excellent degree of flexibility it features in sizing.

In addition to this, customers tend to praise the fantastic build quality that you would not expect from a product of this price.

Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Dog Walking Harness

The few gripes tend to come from owners who ordered the wrong size of harness, which is no fault of the product. Consumers seem to be happy after purchasing this product, and they say that their dogs are too.

Buying Advice

If you are looking for a retailer for this harness, you will typically find it available at the lowest price on Amazon. While you do have to wait for shipping, you can purchase this product for only 15 dollars. For a harness of this quality, that price is somewhat shocking.


If you need a reliable harness that is comfortable enough for your dog, look no further than the Kurgo Tru-Fit dog harness. The great range of flexibility in sizing as well as the quality of life features such as quick release buckles makes this one of the best dog harnesses we have seen.

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